Making Connections: The Hunger Moon

By Jennifer Dodge

February’s full moon is often referred to as the Hunger Moon.  The ice crystals forming on the windows and leafing out to form intricate designs, give us an inkling as to where the name came from. The deep freeze and blanket of snow covering the ground make resources scarce. Historically this also would have been a time that food stores were running low due to the months that passed since the fall harvest.

The Hunger Moon signifies a time of adversity. So, what can the moon teach us about overcoming challenges in our lives?

Shifts Happen

Adversity is inevitable in our lives. There may be periods of hardship, and times that you feel hopeless and struggle. Use the cycles of nature as a guide to navigate the cycles in your life.  When times are difficult, contemplate the cycle of the moon. The darkness of the new moon is consistently replaced by light each month, slowly but surely.

The moon is a monthly reminder that darkness will pass, and light will return. Just as the cycles of our lives will return us to normalcy if we have faith and persist toward that goal. Persistence and consistency are important aspects of successfully overcoming adversity.  If you think back to past adversity, notice that difficulties have most often been transient.

Adversity Builds Resilience

Every challenge that life brings us affords us the opportunity to learn and grow.  When you need a reminder, watch the moon grow from shadow into her full radiant splendor each month.  This particular moon teaches resilience and shows us that making it through the cold and snowy challenges of this month, lead to the promise of spring with the next moon.

Without experiencing struggles, we couldn’t fully appreciate the blessings life brings us.

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Photo credit: Joanne Delabruere