There is a balance between belief and truth; between intention and action.

I am a seeker and a teacher. I use a mixture of modalities, including Ecospirituality techniques, coaching, Reiki, and intuition to help you create balance and personal growth. My focus is teaching gratitude, awareness, and mindful connection to yourself and the natural world, in order to help you create balance and change.


I help clients shift their thought patterns and create an openness for what life has to offer by teaching the practice gratitude and appreciation. Practicing gratitude is a perfect way of focusing on the wonderful things that are already present, which creates an important foundation for receiving more of what you appreciate. What you focus on grows.


Awareness is the catalyst for change.  Without an awareness around a particular issue, you may not know how to move forward with change. I raise your awareness, which helps you to align with your desires, and achieve the goals that really matter to you. My role is to create new awareness for you by being fully present. I listen without judgment, with the purpose of understanding.  I reflect back to you the things you don’t see happening in your own life, the things that you don’t hear in your own words, and the things that you don’t notice in your own body.


Energy follows intention. I help you set clear intentions to improve your health and well-being, and work with you to identify the steps to take to fulfill those intentions. Setting an intention is an integral part of the process.  Doing so will help you focus your energy toward improvements and changes you would like to see in your life.


Ecospirituality is the deep recognition of the idea that all living things are a part of a larger collective consciousness. We are one with each other, and we are one with the natural world that we live in.  This connection, when entered into with openness, and the spirit of gratitude, gives us access and connection to the collective wisdom of the Universe. Nature often teaches us through metaphor and archetypes. I teach you how to connect with your inner wisdom and follow your own true nature, through mindful connection with nature.  Connecting and caring for nature, is connecting and caring for ourselves. The magic of internal change is found in openness to learning to see things in a new way.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, healing, and relaxation based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the person being treated.


Teaching gratitude, awareness, and mindful connection to you and the natural world, in order to help you create balance and change.


Workshops are intended to cultivate greater awareness, and offer a safe environment for self-exploration and growth.

Balance and change are the natural consequence of following these principles.

Ready to Make a Change?

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