Guiding Principle #1: Awareness

Awareness is a catalyst for change, and it’s my first Guiding Principle.  Without awareness around a particular issue, you may not know how to move forward with change. I help raise your awareness, which helps you to align with your desires, and achieve the goals that really matter to you. My role as a life coach is to create new awareness for you by being fully present.

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Video Transcript:

My name is Jenn with Closer to Center EcoCoaching.

I’m a life coach who helps clients to find harmony through teaching the principles of awareness, gratitude, intention, and connection.

I also teach clients how to connect with nature and how to find wisdom, improve wellbeing, and transform their lives through that connection.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about my first guiding principle: Awareness.

Awareness is really one of the first things that I like to focus on with my clients.

For example, how aware are you of the words you say, and the thoughts you think?

How aware are you of your patterns of behavior?

Or your environment?

People tend to get used to things being a certain way, and stop questioning whether there is a different way.

Sometimes it requires an outside perspective.

Without an awareness around a particular issue, you may not be able to see how to improve your situation.

My role is to help you notice things that you were previously unaware of.

I reflect back to you the things you may not notice in your own life, the things that you don’t hear in your own words, and the things that you don’t notice in your own body.

Awareness is a great catalyst that can inspire you to make great shifts and improvements in your life.