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Growing in Gratitude Workshops

Gratitude helps you shift your thought patterns and create an openness for what life has to offer by learning the practice of gratitude and appreciation. Practicing gratitude is a perfect way of being present with the wonderful things that you already have in your life, which creates an important foundation for receiving more of what you appreciate. What you focus on grows.

Ecospirituality Workshops 

Naturalist John Muir famously said, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness”. Join me in strengthening your spiritual connection, using nature as the gateway. Consciously or unconsciously people attach a persona to animals, places, and inanimate objects.  Indigenous people from all over the world have used archetypes in nature to deepen their spiritual understanding of themselves, and of the world around them. We will connect with nature through archetypes and metaphor. These archetypes provide access to the wisdom of the collective unconscious. We can use that wisdom to improve and transform our lives. We will be giving back to nature, by taking on an environmental project as a group.  

Environmental Initiatives Group

This is a free group that will meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas of initiatives to improve the environment, or reduce negative impact on the environment.  The goal is to create, or take part in, these initiatives, as a way of creating awareness, connecting with nature and giving back.

Details of current offerings can be found below:

shit pile

The Shit We’ve Been Through. . .. Stories from our lives.  January-April 2023

Join us in story-telling circles as we build a loving and supportive community of women where it is safe to share our stories and learn from each other. Let’s build community through connecting with each other and learning that we are not alone.

$30 per circle

$180 for 8 paid in full

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