Getting Grounded Workshop 9-25-22

Join us on Sunday September 25th, 2-4 pm

at Spirit Dancer to learn:

What is grounding?

What are some signs that you are not grounded?

What are the benefits of being grounded?

What are some techniques to help you get grounded?

Join us to learn more about what grounding is and why it’s beneficial. Jenn will be discussing different grounding techniques and will lead a guided grounding meditation. Annette Gingras of Spirit Dancer will join us to discuss the use of crystals for grounding.

We’ll be exploring the balance of energy within our bodies, as well as how grounding that energy strengthens our connection to our own inner wisdom and authentic being.

Please register here prior to attending so we know how many to expect. Space is limited. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Located in the greenhouse building at 180 Flynn Ave in Burlington.

Hosted by:
Jenn is a life coach who teaches people to trust and reconnect with their own inner wisdom. She sees coaching as a co-creative relationship where each person is the expert on their own life. She supports people as they navigate life’s challenges by a holding safe, non-judgmental space, and through teaching the principles of awareness, gratitude, intention, and connection. Learn More.
Jenn has her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Vermont and completed training as a life coach through an ICF certified program 15 years ago. She is certified in Ecospirituality, and attuned to Reiki 1 & 2. She is a mother of two wonderful boys and grew up on a small farm in southern Vermont, spending most of her time outside connected to the land.
Annette is a Therapeutic Crystal Healer, Reiki Master/teacher, Seer, Weaver, and Sacred Space Holder with roots in Lakota Ceremony and Ritual. She offers her gifts from the town of Burlington, Vermont where she also lives.
As a Crystal Healer and Mineral Queendom ally, she has been learning from and attuning with crystals for over eighteen years and teaching classes with a focus on working with the Crystal Queendom for over eight years. She has also facilitated workshops and classes on Sacred Crystal Healing, Shakti Chakra Activation, Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries, 5D Light Body Activation, Altar Building and is a guest teacher at retreats including, “Earths Rising Sons” and “Medicine Womyn”. Her passion and focus being, ‘the incorporation of the love and healing power that Crystals have to offer,’ which she weaves into her energy practice and everyday life.
Learn more by visiting her website.
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Sep 25 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Spirit Dancer Crystals & Gifts
180 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
Jenn Dodge


Jenn Dodge

Jenn helps clients to find harmony and move closer to their center through teaching the principles of intention, awareness, gratitude, and connection. She teaches clients how to connect with nature and how to find wisdom, improve wellbeing, and transform their lives through that connection.

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