About Jenn Dodge

I grew up on a small farm in southern Vermont.  Most of my time was spent in the garden, fields, and woods, or with the animals.  I feel deeply connected to the natural world because of my upbringing.  

I believe that the immense damage that we humans have caused to the environment, is a direct result of our growing disconnection from nature.  I also view many of the struggles we have in our daily lives, as a result of that same disconnection.  Reconnection with nature can help us not only improve our own health and wellbeing, but can also help heal and improve the natural world around us.

I have learned through experience to listen to my heart, and follow my instincts.  I rarely accept commonly held belief systems without engaging in a process of exploration of my own.  We are all headed for the same destination, but that doesn’t mean we should all take the same path to get there.  

I am passionate about helping you to get closer to your center and find balance, by fostering your growth, health, and well-being.  The journey is just as important as the destination- it’s the learning and growing that makes life both wonderful and challenging at the same time. The difficult and uncomfortable experiences in our lives can also offer the most opportunity for growth, learning, and healing. 

My hope is that through harnessing the power of nature as a teacher and a healer, the connections created through this process will move individuals into taking action to give back and heal nature in return.  We are not separate from nature, we are a part of it, and it is a part of us.

Please join me on a journey of personal growth through re-connecting to nature, to ourselves, and to each other.


  • B.S. in Psychology from the University of Vermont
  • CEG (Core Essentials Graduate) from Coach U (ICF accredited program)
  • Ecospirituality Certification ~ Mindful Ecotherapy Center
  • Reiki levels 1 & 2

Many of the photos on this site were generously donated by Joanne Delabruere

What Clients Say

Jenn provided a deeply relaxing, calming, nonjudgmental experience for my first-ever Reiki session. She accurately identified areas of physical discomfort in my body I’d not previously disclosed, and the discomfort in those areas notably decreased during the session. I was also left with a surprising and unexpected sense of mental clarity and focus, which further facilitated my independent meditative and grounding practices and piqued my interest in this healing modality in general and in Jenn’s skill and approach specifically.

Sarie Lynn

Being in Jenn’s presence is to be wrapped in the cool green forest and the gentle music of water kissing a shoreline. She generously shares her heart and her ability to connect with the lessons of the world, helping you to arrive at your own center. Groundedness and gratitude are integral to who she is and how she lives her life.


Me and my friends took a class from Jenn and her friend.  Jenn’s super intuitive, sensitive, listening, gentle, and authentic nature created trust and a safe environment to open up and share.  It allows for a deeper connection to dig deeper and explore down to the roots.  I totally recommend Jenn as a coach.

Joanne Delabruere

Jenn Dodge is one of the most grounded and compassionate people I’ve ever met. Spending time in the woods with her has given me the space to work through challenges in my life. I have a clarity that I haven’t had before. Highly recommend her!

Grace Kahn